Day 5 reflection – Suhailaa

The highest point was the kids enjoy singing baby shark song and the games that we plan for them. The lowest point was saying bye bye to the because its the last day seeing all of them.


Day 5 reflections-Syazanna

My highest point is when my team was able to communicate successfully with the students and seeing the students enjoy the game made me really happy as my group had some difficulties at the start when it comes to communicating wif the p3s.

My lowest point is when i had to day goodbye to the students.I didnt realise how much time we have spent with then to the point that we would miss them so much.

1 thing i learnt through the past few days was to have fun even when things got tough.We were still able to have fun eventhough we were under the hot sun for a long time and got paint on ourselves,and we had to teach the students,we still manage to have fyn along the way.

Day 4 Reflection – Gibson

Part 1:

1) The highest point for me throughout this OSL trip is day 2 when my group is playing a game with the primary 2. This is because I see the kids having fun, it make me happy too. However the lowest point for me is when we are task to scrub the crub of the roadside. I feel like this because I feel that it’s a bit hard to scrub the crub especially when the we are scrubbing closer to the ground.

Part 2:

I have learn from the Royal suffiency project the quote “ To be rich, we need to pluck up the holes in our life.”

Day 4 reflection-Nikki

My highest point of the trip is when I had gifts from the P6 students and I felt so touched by that because I thought that I really can build a friendship that the students and I have and the lowest point is when I had to say goodbye to the students which really hurt me.

What I learn today is that I have to be patient with what we work for.

Day five Reflection-Kian Yew

1.what is the highest point in our trip?

The highest point of the trip is that when the kids are enjoying themself in our lesson plan,it gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment as they are happy with my team teaching.

also,the highest point of the trip is the umbrella design and dancing with the kids as in the umbrella design,I enjoyed the team spirit that our team have and the performance my team have on the umbrella design.the laugher in the kids when they dance happily also makes me very happy.

2.what is the lowest point of the trip?

The lowest point of the trip is that I have to say goodbye to my students whom I have spent 3 precious days which makes me hard to separate them as I have made friends with the students.

3.what was the important thing that I have learnt in the royal sufficiency project.

The most important thing is that we should live frugally and live with just sufficient resources and be contented with what you have.



Day 5 – reflection Stacy lee

The most important thing I’ve learnt throughout this journey with my teammates is that not to take things for granted because the life we live in Singapore and Thai is not the same like example the toilets there’s kind of a difference because like some of their toilets is like manual while in Singapore is like just press one button can ready

Our day 5 reflection – anna

day5 reflections JunWen

1) What was the highest point and lowest point of this trip?
The highest point for me was when i was painting the elephant on the wall of Banmaesa School. I was getting a lot of compliment from the teachers of JVS to the teachers and gardeners of Banmaese school. I was really happy to hear such compliments. However, my lowest point was during the today, we went back to the school again to do some touch up for the wall. But one of the elephants got stained by the black marker paint.

2) My most important learning point was that to cherish all the machines in the dnt workshop in JVS. Upon seeing the people in Thailand have to manually hit the wood with a stick and hammer,one by one, i felt since there are people hitting the design out one by one, why can’t i do even better when i have machines? Hence, i have learnt the importance of cherishing the things around me.

Our Day 5 reflection – anna

Today is the last time we do this reflection so it’s quite sad. Today the happiest point is dinner, we finish all the food and joke around very happily . The most upset part is definitely leaving the school . What I learn throughout the trip is to appreciate and be respectful. That’s the 2 main values I learn from the Thai people they are really respectful to us and they appreciate all the small thing we do for them which just make me feel like all the hard work is 100% worth it. I shared that the highest point is the last day when all the students open up to us and dance with us. But honestly there a lots of highest point like the student auto hug us, getting closer to our jvs peeps. My lowest point is not only leaving the school but like thinking that this trip is ending soon. I wish that everyone in Thailand and also the singporean jvs peeps will continue to keep the bond and help each others when in need.