Day 2 – Group 2

Group 2.0 Hoo ha!

Today, our group did sanding in the morning and teaching & interaction in the afternoon.

We persevered while sanding even though we faced hardships such as exhaustion and the immense heat. However, some regretted not buying energy drinks. We lost the momentum after breaks but felt satisfied when we made a portion of the wall smooth as we watched the dust fall like snow, it made me feel like I was in North Pole. We made an impact although it was not as big as an elephant, we made a difference!

In the afternoon, we interacted and had fun with the children as we played the games and taught math with them. We managed to hype them up and were able to improvise on the spot on how to react to the situation quickly. However, we took a long time to set up and had troubles explaining the instructions to them clearly. There was also danger faced during the musical chairs as the children were running amok and wildy, which may cause potential risks of injuries to the children. Also, we underestimated the children’s knowledge of mathematics.

We should use a shorter string for HOOPMath and be more concentrated when teaching the lessons. We can have backup plans and make a script for lessons! We can motivate each other and have I/Cs to facilitate the crowd control of teaching and organization when sanding. 😚💯

Overall, Group 2.0 had a fun day today and grew closer to each other as we shared many secrets in the Secret Circle.

Good luck for Day 3!

By: Group 2.0 (Afiq, Wendy, Elyza, Tanu, Zhing, Rifqi, Lorwin, Miss Chng, Coach Lanch)



Day 2- Group 1

It was unexpected when we reached the Dumpsite. The situation was an Eye-opener. Glass shards, bricks, litters all over the place , accompanied by the flies .

The teaching & interaction went surprisingly smooth as we managed to think on the spot and used our backup plans to overcome the situation. The children were engaging and energetic which makes us elated and motivated to continue the rest of the day.

However, we also faced problems which could be easily avoided . One of the problems was that when we were collecting the worksheet exercises from them, it was a total mess . Children were snatching the worksheets like a pack of wolves preying on a deer . If we were more organized, we could had easily avoided it and exectute it in an orderly manner.

Through our mistakes, we learnt to be more organized such as making sure everybody is ready before doing anything as well as being more initiated and participative .

Tomorrow is our 2nd lesson with the children there, we will work on our mistakes such that we can avoid small problems . We will also plan ahead such that possible problem will not occur and disrupt the lesson tomorrow .


Day 2 – Group 3’s Reflection

Day 2 was a tiring day for all of us. We had 2 members not feeling too well, and the both of them are our leaders. Having a loss of the leaders makes us lost (get it, loss = loss) as we were not being supervised?????

Overall, it was good. We were the first group to sand the whole day. We made progress!!!!

Goodnight my friends.


From “The L-ahr Group” + Mr Zubs.

Day 1 – Mr Zubir

Reflections @Cambodia

We were looking forward to broaden our student’s horizon through this OSL.

We visited the Genocide Museum where we were greeted by the resident researcher and survivor of the Khmer regime. He painted a very comprehensive picture about the Khmer Rouge regime.The S21 torture chambers     Showed just how much the people suffered during the terror regime.

The Killing Fields struck me the most both visually and psychologically where collectively more than a million people were killed and buried by the Khmer Rouge regime. Stay tuned for more reflections!

Day 1 – Sufia

When i arrived at the airport i felt so excited as it has been a long time since i last boarded the plane. So in the flight all i was like getting excited about every movement the plane made.

At the S-21 museum, quarterway i felt like fainting and started to have cold sweats so i ask Mr Zubir if i could sit outside.

At the Genocide museum, i felt very sad as we were walking in a graveyard and looking at human bones.


Day 1 – Ms Koo

There were a lot of ups and downs today.

For the ups, students helped one another out: Ben helped Samuel to lock his luggage properly; Choon Keat took care of Glyn when Glyn was not feeling well. Though what they did for one another were not something big, they were heartwarming.

On the other hand, I thought it was very depressing to see the Cambodian people being mercilessly killed by Pol Pot. I felt that it was also cruel for the authorities to make the survivors work in the museums to share their experiences with visitors. Though this provided them with a job, it was very brutal for them to relive their trauma everyday.

Long day ended …

DAY 1 -crystal

My take in for today’s trip is understanding what happen during Cambodia war. I thought the war between Japanese and Singapore was already horrible but I didn’t know the way the Cambodians people were treated was far more worse. They were being tortured and mistreated very badly. They were either starved to death or beaten to death.  I felt very sad for them because they were being forced to believe why por port said was right and they will be tortured if they were not loyaled to him or even killed. The way they treated the Cambodia people is a trauma for most of the Cambodia as some were being separated from their family and were being cut of from all communication. This left me a great impact on appreciating the things I have in Singapore and not take things for granted because some people in Cambodia do not even have the basic studies while I go to Sch almost everyday

Day 1 – Rad

It was a tiring yet productive day. I’ve learnt alot after visiting the museum and the killing field. The amount of skull and bones of an innocent human being killed for no reason just surprises me how heartless a leader could be. The living condition and environment they live in, the toture and struggles they’ve gone through shows how strong a person is mentally and physically.

Though it was a long and tiring day, it was a good day afterall. I know more history about Cambodia and had a fun adventure with the OSL team 🙂


 I’m thankful that my mom and dad stayed up till 3 to wake me up early in the morning. I’m also thankful that my mom and dad used their money and paid for the heartbreaking taxi fare. When i got into the airport i started to be more and more excited. When waiting for the aeroplane to fly off, there was a delay. After the delay, the faces of people taking the aeroplane for the first time are priceless! The food in aeroplane is also scrumptious!!!! 😻 When we got there, the first thing we went was to go to the market. I really enjoyed going to the supermarket. I wished we were given more time. Later, in the bus, i started going into deep thoughts and realise that some things that seems to be cheap is actually quite pricey if you convert it back to SGD. After the market trip, we went to the museum. No words can describe my negative feelings towards Pol Pot. He thinks he is doing good but killing and torturing isn’t. Although i felt a little light headed in the building as there is not enough ventilation, i feel that it was worth it as the prisoners felt infinity times more worst. I saw many cats and it makes me miss my cat more. After lunch, we went to the killing field. The killing field made me have a sad feeling because children and babies and women and men are killed for doing nothing wrong. However, i was kind of happy because i saw many chickens, rooster and hens. It made me feel like I’m in the kampong. When i went inside the memorial, i felt very ugh. why got people very heartless. We had an early dinner but a late lunch. After dinner, we went to our hotel. It wasn’t what i expected but i am still grateful. Then, we had to assemble for dry run for teaching tomorrow. i can’t wait for things to come tomorrow! I FINALLY FINISHED MY REFLECTIONS!!!!

Day 1 – Ili

As soon as we took off from the runway, I felt a whole lot of upcoming challenges awaiting to be conquered. From that moment I knew the responsibilities I have to uphold as a member from the OSL team. When we have arrived, I felt that this is really happening.

The challenge to buy things for the Cambodian children from the supermarket store surprisingly went well as we negotiate within each other to plan for them. I felt accomplished.

Takeaways I’ve learnt from the museum :

  1. When we felt the lack of ventilation in the surroundings, that was what the prisoners felt during the Pol Pot Regime, in fact worse.
  2. If we think that we understand and empathise with the situations the prisoners have experienced, think again. We don’t. They knew it far better how was it like to be tortured and controlled.
  3. We need to appreciate that we are not experiencing this so far.


The killing field tour really made me felt the actual grounds of the mass graves that include the skulls , used rags from the prisoners etc. It was an eye opener, realising that all of it were true.

Dinner and lunch were delicious unexpectedly. I am really full for the day.

Rehearsal for the teaching was quite decent but we can improvise it better. Hopefully most of the things will run smoothly tomorrow and we are prepared to face challenges/changes.