Project Reflections on Lesson Plans

Hi OSLers,

Welcome to your first online reflections. This is your second last preparation session in school before we set off to go to Chiang Mai. You have just gone through what you will be doing in Chiang Mai, but right now taking place in Singapore.

Take a while to collect your thoughts and post a reflection (title: ‘Our Lesson Plans — Your Name’) according to the following prompts:

What are your thoughts towards

1) how prepared you are with your lessons for the students?


2) the experience of teaching in front of ‘a class’?

Please also include your thoughts on the fund raising activities that you have done: 1 thing that you have learnt and 1 thing that can be improved.

Happy Reflecting! “สู้ๆ”(SuSu)


2 thoughts on “Project Reflections on Lesson Plans

  1. Our Lesson Plan-Kian Yew
    I’m partially prepared with my lesson for the students as I’m not prepared for situations where students throw temper during lessons and I’m prepared for situations where students would be doubtful about what is the lesson about.the experience of teaching in front of a class is rather good as I can learn how to serve students with different needs and this can better allow me to communicate with people better
    One thing I have learnt from fundraising is that I can learnt how to plan an event beforehand and how to communicate with larger group of people. Also,one thing that can be improved is that our group can organise better in the roles that each individual do as there are confusion during the fundraising on which person serve this customer.


  2. 1) I think my group did improve by a fair bit from totally lost don’t know what to say till at least able to come out with instructions I see that everyone has put in a lots of effort this week compared to last few session we come unprepared. Now I think we just need do the proper instructions giving and we are set to go. So maybe 6/10.
    2) It’s quite a new experience cause personally I have serious stage fright so I can’t give speech or like stand in front of everyone for long ,therefore it’s quite obvious for the past few session I have been standing quietly with my team members because I am afraid to speak. But I told myself I need to do it because as the teachers always say “you all sign up for this” so I will force myself to go out of my comfort zone. When I was being interview I told me Samantha I tend to avoid whatever obstacles I face but this time I will conquer it. I find it really interesting that they are actually steps to give instructions. The steps that coach teach I try to use it and I find that my instructions did become much clearer.
    Fundraising part :
    1 thing I have learnt is that teamwork Is really important. During the fundraising we are quite busy but we still help each other which make the entire process smoother.
    1 thing that can improve is definitely our communication cause when the teacher give out instruction to get people queue from that area when there’s too many customers we tend to just anyhow do the order we forget about what we supposed to do. Also, we didn’t communicate well so we keep changing the price till last minute.


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