Our day 5 reflection – junwen

day5 reflections JunWen

1) What was the highest point and lowest point of this trip?
The highest point for me was when i was painting the elephant on the wall of Banmaesa School. I was getting a lot of compliment from the teachers of JVS to the teachers and gardeners of Banmaese school. I was really happy to hear such compliments. However, my lowest point was during the today, we went back to the school again to do some touch up for the wall. But one of the elephants got stained by the black marker paint.

2) My most important learning point was that to cherish all the machines in the dnt workshop in JVS. Upon seeing the people in Thailand have to manually hit the wood with a stick and hammer,one by one, i felt since there are people hitting the design out one by one, why can’t i do even better when i have machines? Hence, i have learnt the importance of cherishing the things around me.


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