Our Day 5 reflection – anna

Today is the last time we do this reflection so it’s quite sad. Today the happiest point is dinner, we finish all the food and joke around very happily . The most upset part is definitely leaving the school . What I learn throughout the trip is to appreciate and be respectful. That’s the 2 main values I learn from the Thai people they are really respectful to us and they appreciate all the small thing we do for them which just make me feel like all the hard work is 100% worth it. I shared that the highest point is the last day when all the students open up to us and dance with us. But honestly there a lots of highest point like the student auto hug us, getting closer to our jvs peeps. My lowest point is not only leaving the school but like thinking that this trip is ending soon. I wish that everyone in Thailand and also the singporean jvs peeps will continue to keep the bond and help each others when in need.


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