Day 4 reflection-Nikki

My highest point of the trip is when I had gifts from the P6 students and I felt so touched by that because I thought that I really can build a friendship that the students and I have and the lowest point is when I had to say goodbye to the students which really hurt me.

What I learn today is that I have to be patient with what we work for.


Day 5 – reflection Stacy lee

The most important thing I’ve learnt throughout this journey with my teammates is that not to take things for granted because the life we live in Singapore and Thai is not the same like example the toilets there’s kind of a difference because like some of their toilets is like manual while in Singapore is like just press one button can ready


1)The past few days in Chiang Mai was very fun. I was really excited to know what to learn next everyday eventhough the weather became my distraction as it was very hot. However, the days really meant alot to me as I get to spend time with P3 and P6 students and having to bond with them

2)When I was painting the walls with the white paint, I realised that it does not cover the old painting very much so I started to get intimidated with it but as time goes by,I learned that I have to be patient with things that need some time.

3)I most enjoyed when my team and I perform a thailand song called ‘chang chang chang’.

4)The most difficuly part was that we had trouble explaining the instructions to the students as they dont understand us so I got angry with myself that it will take a while to tell them.

5)I will to be more patient with myself after I reach Singapore


1) what has the past few days meant to you ?

The past few days meant a lot to me because getting to know the kids and bonding with them is like a new never ending friendship and it means a lot


2) what experience has changed you and how ?

I think it’s confidence because I’m like a bit scared when it comes to audiences and like I’m the main person their looking at like all their attention is on me and I think I’ve overcomed that fear for kids and maybe when I go to kindergarteners classes I would still have the confidence to know that I can do it

3)what have you most enjoyed your benefited from ?

I enjoy painting the walls because I’ve done that in primary school and honestly I like painting and I think I got better at painting and also I enjoy my entire time with the kids

4) what was the most challenging ?

the most challenging thing is that we have to do everything in time and make sure they listen like the language barrier is the only thing for them to understand ya other than demonstrating

5)how would you live or act different once you’ve reached Singapore ?

I would be more responsible like the kids in the school like you know they take their responsibilities to ring the bell and clean the floor





in the morning I was kind of not enjoying whatever I was doing but I was VERY VERY HAPPY when I saw the primary 3’s because I was looking foreword to them every since I saw the kids my energy boosted even tho I had running nose and it was really kinda bad but it’s ok then before that when we was painting I enjoyed it actually


In the afternoon when we had lunch my flu kind of stoped and I really enjoyed the lunch and the painting again even though it was really hot and I was going to be “Chao da” 😂 but I really enjoyed painting with my mates Jun Wen, Nicki and shiraa Then after that it was time for our lesson for primary 6 which kind of take up to much time and the bell rang but they stayed back for a bit but they really enjoyed the “peel banana” song


i really enjoyed dinner because the sotong  was very good and the milk tea was the BOMB but I think we can have more energy when we do the lessons and be a bit more hyped you know to match up the level of the hypness.



Today was our very first time going to the school to teach the children and it was ok. It we can do better

when we was teaching the primary 3 it was kind of hard because they don’t really understand us but they actually listen very well to what we say and for the primary 6 it was easier cause they understand maths and like their maths are Super Super good I feel like it’s definitely better then me for sure


and the painting was no easy as I have so called “arm ache” from all the rolling  I did but tmr we have to be more careful




Our lesson plans -stacy

1) I am 8/10 prepared for the lessons for the students

2) my experience for teaching infront of the class was ok as I am excited to work with the students from Thailand

3) one thing I have learnt is to serve customers because I take their orders and I’ve never done that one thing we can improve is too stay focused