Day 4 Reflection – Gibson

Part 1:

1) The highest point for me throughout this OSL trip is day 2 when my group is playing a game with the primary 2. This is because I see the kids having fun, it make me happy too. However the lowest point for me is when we are task to scrub the crub of the roadside. I feel like this because I feel that it’s a bit hard to scrub the crub especially when the we are scrubbing closer to the ground.

Part 2:

I have learn from the Royal suffiency project the quote “ To be rich, we need to pluck up the holes in our life.”


Day five Reflection-Kian Yew

1.what is the highest point in our trip?

The highest point of the trip is that when the kids are enjoying themself in our lesson plan,it gives me a sense of joy and accomplishment as they are happy with my team teaching.

also,the highest point of the trip is the umbrella design and dancing with the kids as in the umbrella design,I enjoyed the team spirit that our team have and the performance my team have on the umbrella design.the laugher in the kids when they dance happily also makes me very happy.

2.what is the lowest point of the trip?

The lowest point of the trip is that I have to say goodbye to my students whom I have spent 3 precious days which makes me hard to separate them as I have made friends with the students.

3.what was the important thing that I have learnt in the royal sufficiency project.

The most important thing is that we should live frugally and live with just sufficient resources and be contented with what you have.



Day 3 Reflection-Kian Yew

1.what has the past few days meant to you?

The past few days meant to me as I have done many things for the first time and it allows me to experience things that I have never experienced before.this experience is really very precious as I have also learnt life skills that would help me in my future like teaching,farming,scraping dirt and really teaches me to preserve and hang on tough despite it is hard.



2.what experience have changed you and how?

There are many experiences that have changed me a lot.for example,the hard labour have turned me to become someone that could preserve and also someone that wouldn’t give up till the last min.Also,like today,I have gone to the Thai school and visit the japan memorial and that changes me as one time of help from others doesn’t just means that you just help them for the next time but for other help that they need.


3.what have you most enjoyed or benefited from?

I enjoyed the teaching a lot as it is the first time teaching children and they really bring joy to me as they are willing to listen to my team lessons and enjoy my team lessons.i have benefited from the labour works that I have done as it strengthens me to become someone that can take hardships.


4.what was the most difficult/challenging

The most difficult is the language barrier as my team have to think of gestures and movements to allow them to understand us but in some situations,it’s really hard to fit in gestures to teach them.

also,the most challenging factor would be weather as for my team,we have to stay under the hot sun for hours to do labour work and it’s very challenging to do hard labour under this kind of disastrous circumstances. will you live or act differently after you reach Singapore?

I would tell myself to perserve on in situations where I want to give up as in the past,I would give up on my plan easily with excuses being covered to make myself feel good.i would improve in my conduct by controlling on my action and also speak at the right timing.

Day Two Reflection-Kian Yew

1.something that is very fortunate today is that the principal and translator help us a lot in terms of helping us in talking to the p6 and conveying our message to them as we had a hard time talking to the p6 about the game 7up and math dog and bone.

Moreover,something that is fortunate is that our team managed to communicate with the P3 quite well since in the first day,we have a hard time talking to the P3

However,something that is unfortunate is that our team couldn’t play with the kids Soccer as I wanted to play with them

also,something unfortunate is that we did not conduct our lesson with the p6 well as we kept the students waiting

before lunch,most of the people in my team are rather happy as we have improved quite a lot from day 1

unfortunately, my team member,Paulson was sad that he could not play but I’m rather happy as we managed to entertain the kids at the end and my team had finally scraped through the p6 as we have a hard time communicating with them.

Day One Reflection-Kian Yew

What do I feel about myself today?

I feel that I wasn’t that prepared for P3 and I didn’t perform that well with the P3 but after that,I feel that I’m performing better as I have knew what to do in classroom situations.

what was the best event that happen to me today?

the best event was I can get to have a good breakfast and have a scrumptious dinner after a hectic day in school

what was the worst thing that happen to me today?

the worst thing that happen to me is that im not able to communicate with the P3 that properly.

what was surprising to me today?

what was surprising to me is that the hard labour is actually scrapping algae that have been left there for years and it’s really hard labour as every scrub is done manually.

Our Lesson Plan-Kian Yew

1.) I am 70% prepared with the lesson for the students as I need to communicate with the students more and also i need to be ready to answer any question that they bombard out

2.)Tense and worried. As I am facing a whole group of students that speak different dialects from us so the language barrier between us would make me feel tense as my message might not be carried to them properly and cause them to think of other things that is not being said

3.)I have learnt that we should work together in order to execute every move(eg.planning,organising) properly.

4.)we should organise ourself better in the fundraising as our group is so messy that this has cause customers to be unhappy with our service.