Day 5 reflections-Syazanna

My highest point is when my team was able to communicate successfully with the students and seeing the students enjoy the game made me really happy as my group had some difficulties at the start when it comes to communicating wif the p3s.

My lowest point is when i had to day goodbye to the students.I didnt realise how much time we have spent with then to the point that we would miss them so much.

1 thing i learnt through the past few days was to have fun even when things got tough.We were still able to have fun eventhough we were under the hot sun for a long time and got paint on ourselves,and we had to teach the students,we still manage to have fyn along the way.


Day 3 reflection-Syazanna

1)The past 4 days have been an interesting experience and a meaningful one.I got to learnt the meaning of resilience by perservering through the process of the paintings under the hot sun.Especially today,I was under the hot sun for an hr and i am proud that i have tried my best.My group was always challenged to think about last min plans and i am proud my group will always be able to carry out those plans smoothly.We will always try to find a way to improve on our lessons especially when we know that something went wrong.

2)For me,working together as a team since the beginning has change me alot.I now know the importance of teamwork and how we work togther as a team at the start will affect the progress and plans made later.All the plans that my group originally planned,we didnt do some of it as we realise that some hiccups could occur so we worked together as a team to improvise certain plans on the day itself.

3)I really enjoy teaching the students and also had fun along the way.Eventhough we have a schedule to follow,we always remember to have fun along the way.It is a rare experience to be able to teach students out of singapore and i am glad that i enjoyed the past 4 days and i hope the team enjoyed it as well.

4)We wouldnt have to change the plans if it wasnt for the language barrier.It was difficult to communicate wih the students and it is important to ensure that they understand what we were teaching so that they could learn.If it wasnt for the teachers there and the translator and also google translate,we wont be able to give out insturctions clearly.

5)I hope that back in singapore i will always remember what i learnt through the past 4 days.Being resilient and the keeping a positive mind is important when doing projects as a team.Without it,the team could easily fall apart and end up with disagreements.When doing project works i will always try to look out for the members.

Day 2 reflection-Syazanna

I felt like today was so much better than yesterday as we showed how much we cared towards each other and the energy level that we put in during our activities was beter than yesterday.I am really thankful towards my teammates as they didnt give up eventhough the weather was very hot but i hope that they rest every once in a while as we have been doing work under the hot sun for 2 hrs straight.I hope we can do better tmr and make good memories on the last day.

Day 1 reflections-Syazanna:

Today i felt like it had unexpected twists and turns that we went through..for eg..i knew that our group is hardworking..but i felt like we actually achieved something today by showing initiative when we knew that something went wrong..and i am proud that my teammates actually perservered through the 2 hrs painting n scrubbing process eventhough we knew that it was going to be tough..i hope that i could be more resilient tmr so that we could have a greater positive outcome for the next few days